Gibbet Stands

Available in two max heights of 14′ and 24′, both compatible with all cameras that mount with a 3/8″ screw. 

The Worlds first reversible tripod.  Up 14 feet and half a minute of reconfiguring, down 14 feet. The Summit-14 and the Strato-24 are outstanding for this work. Rugged, stable, relatively light in weight (30 lbs) and very cost effective. They pay for themselves in one shoot.

We visited Matterport Company on a blustery day to put this system through a test using a Leica BLK and Pro2.
Not a wiggle at full extension and we’re proud to be their preferred product for extended height scanning.


We’ve included a 3 point, positive locking camera mount specifically to keep your Matterport, Leica BLK-360 or FARO scanner safe and secure.
Utilizing the industry standard 3/8th bolt, this system, works perfectly for all brands of cameras.
As someone who has destroyed three Matterport Pro 1’s to faulty tripod failures, I was determined to never lose another one again.
This Pat Pending system of locking down the camera chuck within the topmost section of the telescoping tripod is akin to holding it with two hands on your lap while sitting down.
Zero wobble effect.

3D Model of a Waste Water Treatment Plant

The fun part ? It included capturing the pipes 20 feet from the ground for the full length of one quarter mile for the Engineering team.
With lots of advice from Dee Johnson (my savior) and a whole stack of April Tags, the single most critical piece of equipment that day by far was a Summit-14 extended height tripod with casters.
This job was literally impossible to do with my 7′ Manfrotto.
Rolling along an uneven floor, raising and lowering the camera hundreds of times, the Summit-14 was the savior of that gig.
Were there things I could have done better ? Of course.
The Point Cloud is amazing and the client is thrilled. #WIN